Comic 288 - Gather
19th Jan 2020, 8:36 PM in Breath
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Author Notes:
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I'm working with a new monitor and a new tablet and a new video card and a new install...

Anyway, hopefully the page doesn't look too different from earlier ones.
User comments:
Oldarmourer (Guest) edit delete reply
better, if anything, the shading looks a little a good way...a little sharper, maybe ?
King Random (Guest) edit delete reply
No, no. YOU idiot.
voidguyver edit delete reply
I like the details on all the characters and fabrics. Especially Guin in panel 3.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Don’t know if we’re supposed to like this guy? I don’t, so far, but maybe I should give him a chance to explain first.
(-)_(.) kadaka! edit delete reply
(-)_(.) kadaka!
Darker and more purple on his robe and similar for the red of the book knight compared to Jan 14. Are you using the same color temperature?
Cuddle Lion edit delete reply
Cuddle Lion
uh, if you want to know a lady's name, you might, oh, I dunno, ask HER?
ShoShone edit delete reply
What's in a name? And what about Zia, e.g.? But that could be where to start.
ShoShone edit delete reply
Has Venne blundered?
PurpleUltron (Guest) edit delete reply
Thats a big oof.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I’m a little lost. Is Venne being obtuse or just acting obtuse?
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, he's not happy … there goes his little whore house idea.
ShoShone edit delete reply
There's that. But there could be a lot more to it.

I have raised questions about Venne's actions. But questions only and not answers. There are other questions I've yet to ask. Other points to consider.

The magus presumes safety of a spirit well in saying it doesn't leak as opposed to a mana well. But Venne is doubtful. What's going on there?
Sable Phoenix edit delete reply
I find it really interesting that Guin's spirit companions are back to being drowny but aren't (overtly) murderous yet. Have they "imprinted" on her now instead of Some Lady?

And I doubt Venne is being obtuse, I'm certain she knows exactly what's going on here. She's just naturally phlegmatic. She did talk a demon to death, remember.
One-eyed Mike (Guest) edit delete reply
Venne is high on whatever she's been smoking. That's why she's vague about the person she has freed. It is possible she has made a mistake. However, it's hsrd to see how it is right to lock up someone, just so you can set up a spirit brothel.
ShoShone edit delete reply
Offhand, it doesn't sound good. But we don't yet know all about the circumstances behind that or there might be other reasons. For all we know she could be working off her debt to society.
Andrew_C edit delete reply
Generally speaking if your plan to tame a spirit depends on someone being locked up in the basement, you should probably warn your collegues about that bit.