Comic 207 - Governor
17th Mar 2019, 6:43 PM in Rapids
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Author Notes:
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I'm sorry about that extremely long vacation. I'm even more sorry that it'll probably take at least two or three more pages before my art gets back to being decent.
User comments:
Lyon edit delete reply
The look on her face in the bottom left panel is priceless. I can only imagine she's thinking 'Did that just happen?'
...(RockB) edit delete reply
I'm always astonished how much can be expressed with these ears.

Edit: View, since you led my attention to differences in artwork with you your author comment, I found one: On the previous page the mayor-lady had greyish fur, now it's brownish.
Other than that, I can't see anything, and I really looked for differences.

Edit: F'ck, I with wish I could make a comment without a typo :-(
Edit 2: Megaf'ck, I wish I could make an edit without a typo >__<
James (Guest) edit delete reply
I guess being appointed Mayor makes you younger then
view edit delete reply
Yes, clearly.

She's supposed to be brownish but greying, too bad my control isn't great.
merle edit delete reply
Welcome back!!

Worth the wait just for the reaction on this page.
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Much plot and story development in just the first panel.
Kintoga edit delete reply
I hope you had a good vacation
NoOne3 (Guest) edit delete reply
Guess some politics just happened.
Do Our heroines have some legitimate basis for appointing Mayor, or just their unadultered cheek?
Sheela edit delete reply
As an Ozoal, she cannot fall.
Also, she seems to be commanding all the Ozoal already.
view edit delete reply
Well, thet're definitely the two highest ranking people in town: an inquisitor sent to fix the city and a mage that saved it...
Sheela edit delete reply
Love her expression in the 5th panel .. wait, what ?
Andrew_C edit delete reply
I wonder what the other cities and dragonkind will think of this. Seems a lot cheaper and a lot less effort than finding a dragonkind, but Ozoal seem to be second class citizens to some extent.
view edit delete reply
I wonder if it's a major social change waiting to disrupt everything
Cuddle Lion edit delete reply
Cuddle Lion
I feel a 'South Africa' coming on...
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
Yay catgirl elf mayor!
Nounverber (Guest) edit delete reply
What ARE riverfolks? Have we seen them?