Comic 165 - Distances
2nd Oct 2018, 9:22 PM in Old Blood
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User comments:
DocMesa edit delete reply
Well that escalated quickly.
Sheela edit delete reply
And Guinevere went straight back into hero-mode, and grabbed the nearest damsel-in-distress.

Well .. the nearest damsel, at least. :D
JoneK edit delete reply
Or did she shield her self? From flying debris.
Wholegrain (Guest) edit delete reply
Oah it turned out amazing :D

I like the 'Riv-riverfolk' touch
Malcadon edit delete reply
So they are to broke to call Orkin Monstrous Pest & Mutant Termite Control?
...(RockB) edit delete reply
Hmm, Venne was right after all: It's not safe in the house.

Beautiful page! All the detail of the city - lots of roofs, streets, trees... and smoke if I get it right.

But what happened to the city in the last panel?
Auren edit delete reply
It appears that a tentacle has made a surprise cameo. I'm guessing that means the city just got octopus-punched.
Sheela edit delete reply
The city went out of focus, due to an appearing tentacle !

Don't worry, it's still there … the city, I mean - It's just out of focus.
view edit delete reply
I thought that was a commonly-accepted visual, too. :|
Auren edit delete reply
The visual was totally clear, I just *really* wanted to use the term "octopus-punched" ;)
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, on the bright side, it seems that the Octopus is a "Riverfolk" problem, and not an "Ozoal" problem.

Problems for everyone ! :D
Hopefully a common solution.
view edit delete reply
Or maybe a dragonkind problem.
StLOrca edit delete reply
Octopus uses CHIMNEY SMASH! It’s super effective!
Pyo (Guest) edit delete reply
My motto in life is simple: no tentacles before the day's first cup of coffee.

Looks like one they should have adhered to.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Tentacles, check.
Topless blonde, check.
Wrecked building, check.

Okay, you're officially hentai manga. ;-)
Wholegrain (Guest) edit delete reply
When comparing panel 5 on 'Morning' vs panel 2 on this page, Lilly seems to be quite faded, now. Is that connected to the lighting somehow? Perhaps the sunlight?
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Is it me, or does Lilly get more adorable with every appearance? Or are we just seeing her in Guenvision?
Arcane (Guest) edit delete reply
Can I just say I actually really like using the arrows pointing out particular parts of the city along with her dialogue? She's pointing, and it helps clarify where she's pointing as she talks.
Super clear, really clever.
view edit delete reply
I didn't want to draw three city panels. :D