Comic 154 - Foreground
29th Aug 2018, 12:37 AM in Shallows
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Author Notes:
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I need to learn to frame better.
User comments:
Niall (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't often need clarifications for your comics View, but is it supposed to be a full stop or a question mark in the last panel?
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
I think the lack of a question mark denotes a flat inflection.
datora (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm glad you dirtied & mussed Venne up a bit. Even a token amount goes a long way toward continuity after the scene she was just in. In a way it makes it easier to forgive Guin's perfect hair; I can write her off to "Yep. She is THAT good." Legendary Debonair: unlocked.
Terashell (Guest) edit delete reply
I think she just uses shellac as product. It's the only way.
Tacroy (Guest) edit delete reply
With her insane agility, she probably just fixes it off-panel every couple of seconds.
Cuddle Lion edit delete reply
Cuddle Lion
I think the framing, especially of the second panel, is excellent. My only quibble is that your close-ups are so close up that we miss seeing how well you draw whole people, or at least, more of them.
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marmelmm edit delete reply
I'm sorry, I'm busy admiring Panel 3. What was the question again? <3