Comic 153 - Squints
25th Aug 2018, 12:13 AM in Shallows
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Author Notes:
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Not sure about this page. Having too much time away from the comic makes it hard to gauge.
User comments:
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
Looks good to me. She just can't stop trying to choke herself with her foot, can she?
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, to be fair, it seems like her foot belong in her mouth! >_<
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
A bad case of foot-in-mouth desease!
Sheela edit delete reply
I have a feeling that Lilly isn't used to that much attention.

Also, Venne is on point.
datora (Guest) edit delete reply
What about the page are you unsure of? From a semi-casual reader's perspective, continuity & art seem fine. Something you're trying to convey or the composition seem off to you?

If they're both soaking wet and just climbed up out of a freshly dug hole, they certainly seem to be too clean and with hair & clothes all a bit too neat & in order. Guin's hair looks perfectly combed, and panel 1 in particular would seem her legs would show off a bit of mud. As well as the seat of her yellow shorts she just slid across the dirt in.

Apart from mud & dirt, no visible scratches &/or blood from stones & gravel? Clothes not torn at all? Story continuity & flow is more important than every little detail, though. So no bog sin there that any other story or movie hasn't committed.

Side topic: If Venne really requires glasses as much as this implies, I'd think there must be some sort of Find Glasses (a specialized Find Item) spell that she should have picked up. And, probably a Protect Glasses charm to keep the lenses intact & scratch-free.
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I originally drew them messy, but it made the panels hard to read.
(-)_(.) kadaka! edit delete reply
(-)_(.) kadaka!
Venne said clothes are expensive and she does like to wear her little "spell charms". Plus mages have to look nice. Likely there's some Repel Dirt ones involved. Which possibly also repel octopus ichor and make it easier to slide off tentacle suckers.

Keeps you clean and neat and is useful for defense. That'd be good.
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
She probably can't find the Find Glasses spell without her glasses.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
The only problem I could possibly have on this page as it is now would be that the eyes of the inquisitor change a bit, in size and color. Otherwise I think it's a great and expressive page.
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
Of course, technically, Venne is wrong...


An octopus is quite capable of getting through a hole smaller than it's eyeball! Living in such a hole might be uncomfortable for it though.
view edit delete reply
She didn't say it couldn't...
marmelmm edit delete reply
I'm busy admiring the view in the first panel, myself... ;)
eire1274 edit delete reply
I have this weird vision of a squidipus squeezing through a sewer smaller than it's eyeball. Like a stressed stress-relief ball.