Comic 147 - Annoying Guest
31st Jul 2018, 9:32 PM in Shallows
Annoying Guest
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Author Notes:
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I'm really annoyed. I drew the first panel last, and I drew it really, really well.

Then my computer crashed and I never really managed to get the lineart working again.
User comments:
JoneK edit delete reply
Yet another argument brewing :) or did it errupt allready. Anyhow I understand your frustration. my computer crashes all the time its the damn heat... Nothing to do with my over clocking to the very edge of its capabilities... keep your cpu grill clean gents and ladies...

you are the best view thx for beeing you and making you things...
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Well, I'll try to keep doing that!
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
I love Lilly's grin on panel 6, with the feline eyes and the cute little fangs!
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That's definitely the best panel, at least after the computer crash.
Sheela edit delete reply
Also, the "Domesticated, but Thorny" would fit the entire earths population of Cats.

That said, I wonder is Lilly's password is "Bellyrub" too ?
Maybe she is also a heat-seeker ?
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
She is really cute! Or it could just be my catgirl fetish.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Am I weird for preferring Rinatta when she's NOT in uniform? ;-)
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
Personally I like them all better when they're romping naked in the river...
TheGeekKing edit delete reply
Loving that first panel.
Cuddlelion (Guest) edit delete reply
Actually, that first panel looks better than I remembered. Did View go back and make some revisions, like foldy-cloth drapery stuff?
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Not on this page!
Sheela edit delete reply
What ? View ?
Retconning stuff ?

Never !