Comic 146 - Brooming
27th Jul 2018, 11:53 PM in Shallows
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Author Notes:
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This page took waaaaaaaaaay too long. I must have spent three hours just on thumbnailing. I just don't have a sense for action sequences yet.
User comments:
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Just look at them, showing off their besoms like that!
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
Great, now I'm imagining her in 60 years as the elf female equivalent to Lu-Tze from Discworld.
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
Lesson 1 - Do not wear flipflops while sparring
Lesson 2 do not get too close to two people who are sparring with mops (or brooms), and surprise them...

(That's a hint at what I really hope is going to be the next panel)
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In Guen's case, it's a question of whether she does anything on purpose.
Sheela edit delete reply
Seems like Lily isn't completely new to this. :)
Cuddlelion (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh, abso-tively! Otherwise, there'd be no WAY she could keep up with Guen! Those poor brooms will never recover.
Godfilma edit delete reply
I really like this page.
view edit delete reply
Good to hear, it was a buttload of work.
TTD (Guest) edit delete reply
You might need more speed lines, panel four looks a little static. Other than that it looks fine.
Cuddlelion (Guest) edit delete reply
The speed and action are very well indicated in panels 4 and 5, with the swirling background colors, already - speed lines would be superfluous.
Pyo (Guest) edit delete reply
Generally, there are never enough speedlines. Also, oversized SFX texts can't be big enough.
Smithe (Guest) edit delete reply
So her job involves spear work? So tentacle boy might just be a regular work hazard that the big guys who are also sewer workers and totally aren't just hired muscle didn't know about
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
From Girl Genius:
"How about them giant glowing rats? None of that?
So, in these other sewers...what do the BIG monsters eat?"
Sheela edit delete reply
You mean, THIS Girl Genius page ?
Rezima (Guest) edit delete reply
Something that used to help me way back when with action scenes, if not SLIGHTLY embarrassing to do. Have some props on hand and move through the motions yourself, it helps IMMENSELY with posing. The props themselves can be simple too, much like the brooms you used in this page, funnily enough