Comic 134 - Grilled
11th Jun 2018, 11:15 PM in Plumb
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I replaced the fan, and updated Manga Studio. The new version of manga studio is much slower. :|
User comments:
Godfilma edit delete reply
Those fingernails, tho
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Never mind the waders, how about a hazmat suit?
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
Do they have the germ theory of disease, or is it more of a "You play in sewage, you get sick," level of medicine?
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They don't have germ theory, although it's a pretty fantastical setting, so maybe germ theory is wrong there.
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
In the middle ages a lot of illnesses were attributed to evil spirits. In this setting, we've already seen a plague of giant heartbroken ant, a giant flaming nicotine addict, and a hand full of dragon-thingies. This could just as easily be some sort of giant evil mutant turtle!
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
"A demon did it!" Could actually be true.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Cowabunga, dudes!
Pyo (Guest) edit delete reply
Kinda amusing - it's a very hot early summer here, and it's been occasionally raining over the last few days despite the heat, but yesterday it came down so hard it flooded half the city (just rainwater, not the river coming up, so it wasn't flooded in a very dangerous way). Even our cellar got a bit wet - and we're living up on a hill. Just through water running down the front steps.

Now there's still some partially flooded parts (like underpasses) but obv. with modern technology this all gets pumped away pretty easily. Still dirt everywhere though ^^;
Sheela edit delete reply
Why do updates always make things slower ?
Couldn't they make some updates that made everything a bit faster ?
ColdFusion (Guest) edit delete reply
Not in the last 8-10 years it seems. Every new update makes everything run worse. it's sad because my favorite thing about mangastudio was how much faster it was than photoshop. wish I could... I dunno, downgrade it.
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marmelmm edit delete reply
Eli Cosmanis edit delete reply
Eli Cosmanis
You mean to Clip Studio Paint? Technically it should be better, IIRC old Manga Studio was not 64bit.
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Yeah, clip studio.
averageguy (Guest) edit delete reply
I could read a thousand more pages of this comic, or any of your other comics. Thanks for your art Forview!
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