Comic 10 - Annoying Kid
4th May 2017, 9:38 PM in Unplugged
Annoying Kid
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Author Notes:
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Hm. Dunno about this page. Need to work on both my action moments and my dialog moments - neither looks good with this color setup.
User comments:
Sliverquick (Guest) edit delete reply
The in the last 2 panels did the cylinder slide over in front of them?
Sheela edit delete reply
It's a battery, and yes, I think it rolled just past them, after getting hit by the large flying rock - Either that, or it bounced off of Venne's butt !
Interestingly, it seems that Guinevere would have been hit by the rock too, unless she made some sort of awesome agility leap in the last split second.

Of course, whoever just threw the stone, now has to deal with a pissed off mage, with access to a huge magic battery.
Better career choices may have been made. >_<
Sheela edit delete reply
Poor cart, we barely knew ya!
I hope the sloth survived.

Kid gets trapped in Marshmellow hell/heaven !
TeeKay edit delete reply
Looking at the first and the third panel, it's not looking good for the sloth.. :(

And yeah, is that hand and the "mff!" the kid struggling to breath? :D
cattservant edit delete reply
Lots of things happening all at once.
Auren edit delete reply
Your "I can't talk cuz boobs" shots are perfect though.
Lysander edit delete reply
So someone stole the battery just before it was getting replaced? Interesting.

Good luck with your endeavors, View!
Sheela edit delete reply
Maybe the old battery was running low, and that enabled them to do it ?