Comic 205 - Trial
21st Feb 2019, 9:38 PM in Rapids
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I don't like this page, but ONWARD, I don't want to spend another two days redoing it.
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Lyon edit delete reply
I like the flow of the page. I dont think it warrants redoing but out of curiosity what would you redo?
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Sheela edit delete reply
Interestingly, she's now calling him "My Boy", but earlier in the sewers, she told him she has no children … quite the dysfunctional relationship !

Also, I really like the Ozoal in the last two panels, she's cool. :)
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Yeah, Venne likes her too.
Sheela edit delete reply
Oh ? Are they .. "friends" ?
Cuddle Lion edit delete reply
Cuddle Lion
(singing) Is you is, or is you ain't ma baby...
Justafan (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey, I know it's completely unrelated to whatever this comic is but I wanted to tell you I found "Cheer" again after finding it for the first time many years ago without knowing its name or its author, and gave it another read. It's charming and lovely as ever, just like the first time I read it a long time ago. Just wanted to thank you for it, because it's one of my favorite pieces of art and writing ever. Now, I'll take my leave and not bother you any longer, God bless your pencil!
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Thanks! It's an oldie at this point!
Kintoga edit delete reply
And the first hit when googling cheer comic, so an oldie that is a classic.
NoOne3 (Guest) edit delete reply
Sometimes I wonder how much of people here reads all this because of "Cheer" initially.
Sheela edit delete reply
It does seem to be quite popular. 😃
Damnatio edit delete reply
Guilty as shit.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
But let's not forget that said elite guards defeated Lilly and Guin with a single boot.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Ozoal: "Do you or do you not have an opinion?"

Venne: "Yeah. You're cute when you're angry."