Comic 162 - HP
23rd Sep 2018, 2:25 AM in Shallows
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Some simple rules.
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Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
"The only thing necessary for the recovery of HP is for good men to do nothing."
-Edmund Burke, probably
Sheela edit delete reply
Guinevere in that last panel. XD
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
Pyo (Guest) edit delete reply
So why is it called HP and not Poise, Balance or something? ^^;
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There's a fair number of unique things in this game, and I figured keeping a familiar term would help, since it's exactly like "normal" HP.
Rezima (Guest) edit delete reply
I always like when wounds and HP are different, HP being things you can shrug off before getting ACTUALLY hurt is a nice system
chrystal_dark edit delete reply
Yeah, I still remember playing D&D when I was a kid, and one of the group commenting about how a character that starts with (say) 10 HP can take 9 HP worth of "damage" and still fight as effectively, right up until they loose that last HP.
Sheela edit delete reply
I do enjoy a good array of status ailments in a game. :)

They can add a lot of flavour to your playing experience.
Not to mention some entertaining death scenarios.

Reminds me of the Neo Scavenger game, where you had :

- hitpoints
- wounds
- hypovolemic shock (from blood loss/coughing blood/bleeding)
- infections
- parasites
- food poisoning
- hypothermia
- heat stroke
- wendigo curse
- insanity
- poison
- Black Mold (a specific mutated disease)
- Blue Rot (same)
- drunk
- gastroenteritis
- cholera
- defoliant exposure
- kidney failure
- smallpox
- septic shock
- cardiac arrest
- organ failure
- starvation
- drowning in blood (acute bleeding in the lungs)
- vomiting
- diarrhea

… did I mention the game has perma death ?

It's pretty neat!

chrystal_dark edit delete reply
@sheela How do you keep track of them all?

Realism vs Playability has always been the contest.

on a separate note... So, Guen and Venne took their travel bags to the castle for the wedding, only to have them burned up by the fire ants attacking the laundry. This has left them both with very little clothing as I understand it.
Cuddle Lion edit delete reply
Cuddle Lion